Welcome to Irish Poetry Therapy Network - IPTN, a non-profit organisation that provides an environment where participants explore at first hand, through the use of poetry therapy and bibliotherapy, the healing power of poetry as a means of identifying and dealing with various life issues.

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Training in Poetry Therapy

Poetry Therapy Training In UK  


 A Poetry Therapy Practitioner (PTP) is trained in using biblio/poetry therapy techniques through an individualized programme that meets the standards of the International Academy for Poetry Therapy (US).

"As a mentor affiliated to the International Academy for Poetry Therapy, I am currently training students in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. I have a broad range of experience of working with individuals from various backgrounds and interests. As part of the training programme I offer, I encourage the incorporation of personal practices and areas of expertise, such as Mindfulness, Art, Music, Dance, Photography, Ecotherapy, Ceramics, etc into the training."

To find out more about this training programme contact Jill at

 at jillteague@yahoo.co.uk


Victoria Field offers training for people interested in becoming a Certified Applied Poetry Facilitator with the International Federation for Biblio-Poetry Therapy – a long established and well-regulated body based in the US.

"I trained as a Certified Poetry Therapist with the International Federation for Biblio-Poetry Therapy and two years ago qualified as a Mentor-Supervisor myself. After doing this work for the past 15 years, I now have trainees and potential trainees across the UK and beyond."

To find out more about this training programme contact Victoria at victoria@thepoetrypractice.co.uk

Poetry Therapy Training US  


The International Academy for Poetry Therapy is a credentialing organization training Poetry Therapy Practitioners (PTP). The iaPOETRY is committed to maintaining quality standards while providing training under highly qualified mentors. The iaPOETRY trainees are from all over the world: Japan to Mexico, from Wales to New Zealand, learning the healing benefits of poetry therapy and bibliotherapy. Find out more about how you can start training.


For over 30 years, the Federation has set the standard for professional practice in poetry therapy by ensuring that our independent trainers (Mentors/Supervisors) adhere to the highest ethical guidelines for service with integrity, and that those who hold the CPT (Certified Poetry Therapy), PTR (Registered Poetry Therapist), or CAPF (Certified Applied Poetry Facilitator) understand the history, theory and practical applications of this powerful tool.

Find out more about how you can start training.

Poetry Therapy Training In Ireland  

Currently, Ger Campbell is in training to qualify as a mentor of poetry therapy practitioners. 

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