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Friday, 2 March 2018

Tripartite Conference 2018

At the ‘Breathing Space’ conference I had an opportunity to meet Clare Scott, chair of Lapidus, a UK based network for people interested in writing and creativity for personal development.

Recently, Clare contacted IPTN to discuss introducing Lapidus to an Irish audience and we are pleased to announce that IPTN will facilitate this request by extending their annual conference to a two-day event. In addition, we are delighted to welcome Jill Teague, Executive Director of The International Academy for Poetry Therapy (iaPOETRY), and Master/Mentor, as the third member of the tripartite, introducing a ’Treading Softly’ element to the weekend.

We are excited by this inaugural collaboration between IPTN, Lapidus and iaPOETRY and details of our October 2018 conference will be published on our blog and Facebook as the programme is developed.