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Thursday, 15 September 2022

Finding Your Compass through Poetry Therapy


11th Annual Conference Saturday, 15th October 2022 on Zoom

‘Finding your compass through poetry therapy’

 Members: €50 and Non-Members: €60


09.45: Registration

10.00: Welcome and Introduction, David Madden PTP, Irish Poetry Therapy Network Chairman

10.15: Workshop 1 - Theresa Kelly. ‘Cultural complex’.

Workshop description: In this workshop Theresa will work with the group to help uncover our individual cultural biases and look at the impact on the larger society if we do not become conscious of these biases/complexes. Through the writings of Carl Jung aand poetry ofMaya Angelou, Imelda May and others we will have an opportunity to  explore these topics and write our own personal           antidote to what lies within the unconscious.

Theresa Kelly Bio: Theresa is a qualified PTP and member of IPTN. Theresa works as a psychotherapist in private practice in Dublin.

10.15: Workshop 2 -Shelley Tracey. ‘Reaching for a place that we can call home’: poetry and connection

Workshop description: The first part of this title is from ‘Refuge’ by JJ Bola. In this workshop, we will explore images of displacement, home and connection from a selection of poems by Ruth Padel, Ozgur, Anne Michaels, Li-Young Li, Jean-Pierre Siméon and Kamau Brathwaite.

Shelley Tracey Bio: Shelley Tracey PTP, a published writer based in Northern Ireland, coordinates arts projects and facilitates writing classes. Shelley’s poetry collection Elements of Distance (2017) included the themes of identity, migration and belonging.

 11.30: Break

11.45: Keynote Speaker - Brian Leyden. ‘Journeywork’.

Workshop description: Sligo based author Brian Leyden considers how a writer’s voice relates to the place they’re from, or estranged from. Drawing on the poetry of Heaney, Yeats, Elizabeth Bishop he explores the relationship between place and literary sensibility and how the spaces we inhabit influence the writing we produce.

Brian Leyden Bio: Brian Leyden is a novelist, short story writer, memoirist, playwright, editor and publisher with Lepus Print. His works include The Home Place, Sweet Old World, Summer of ’63, The Famine Attic, and the feature film, Black Ice.

 01.00: Lunch time


                            02.00: Workshop 3 - María Ortega Garcia and Ger Campbell. 

                            ‘Love encompasses the way’.

Workshop description: With the words of our Irish poets as our compass and guide, take a stroll with us to some of the places in Dublin that captured the hearts and imaginations of James Joyce, Patrick Kavanagh and Seamus Heaney. Let Kavanagh’s famouswords “…. along the enchanted way” be like an incantation that inspires you to find magic in your own way through your writing and your imagination.


María Ortega Garcia Bio: Maria is an embodied language coach and multilingual poetry teacher. She helps Spanish language learners overcome communication, cultural and learning challenges in their language learning journey. She is also training to become a poetry therapy practitioner under the mentorship of Ger Campbell.

Ger Campbell Bio: Ger Campbell PTP is a founder member of the Irish Poetry Therapy Network and is an accredited Mentor/Supervisor with the International Academy for Poetry Therapy. She is an accredited psychotherapist and supervisor specialising in addiction and recovery. She works in private practice.

                            02.00: Workshop 4 – Lila Weisberger.

‘Where I’m from’.

Workshop description: An exploration of where I’m from. My past, my present, my future. 

'Where I’m from'

                                            Lila Weisberger Bio: Lila Weisberger PTP is the founder of Bridge Xngs Poetry Centre and the International Academy of Poetry Therapy. Lila has trained and mentored numerous Poetry Therapy Practitioners. She is a master mentor and her name is synonymous with Poetry Therapy. She co-edited “The Healing Fountain: Poetry Therapy for Life Stages.” This book     is required reading for all trainees of Poetry Therapy. Lila is based in Manhattan; New York and her guiding word is “YES”. She provides regular facilitations at “Poetry on the Bridge” monthly on-line peer groups.

                         03.15: Closing the day David Madden 

                         03.30: Conference Close



To register and pay

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    For IPTN members, or new members attending the conferencee, the cost is €70 which includes         annual membership.

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Please note

·         Registration is ONLY confirmed on receipt of payment.

·         All payments are non-refundable.

·         Please choose workshop 1 or 2 in the morning, and workshop 3 or 4 in the  afternoon.

·          Registration payment is accepted on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis. We will create a waiting list once we have reached 20 places.

·         Workshop places are allocated on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis   If a workshop is full, or you paid but haven’t made a choice, you will automatically be allocated a workshop.


Conference guide

·         Confidentiality: We consider this to be very important. We ask everyone to be mindful of the confidential nature of the material delegates may bring up, and that any content or identities are not to be shared outside of the group.

·         Support: We would ask everyone to be respectful and considered in your responses to other participants on the day and remember not to offer any advice or therapy.

·         Point of contact person: We offer a ‘point of contact person’ for the workshops if someone needs additional support. If any of the material is provoking, and you need to step out of the meeting, just mute your voice and close your video. Please do not log out of the meeting.

·       Screen name: Please ensure your name is on your zoom screen, so that we all get to know each other during the day.

·         Mute yourself when writing: When we pause for writing, please mute your voice, and if you prefer to have more privacy during these periods, you can also turn your video off.

·         Use the chat facility: You can use the chat facility at the bottom of the screen to participate in discussions, make comments and ask questions.

·         Stay logged in for the conference: We will have breaks during the conference. Please stay logged into the meeting, and just mute your voice and turn off your video during each of the breaks. Do not leave the meeting, as it may be difficult to re-enter; our technical support will not always be available to assist you in re- entering.

·         Enjoy: We hope you enjoy the day. We want to provide the best experience we can for you. We welcome feedback about what we are doing well, what we are doing not so well, and what we could do different next time.


                                   Enjoy the conference


Saturday, 13 August 2022

Watch our IPTN information video


IPTN Conference 2022


Our IPTN Conference this year is on

Saturday, 15th October 2022 on zoom

Finding Your Compass Through Poetry Therapy

Details to follow shortly with our new programme of sessions!

IPTN membership is due in September. Check out details on our Membership page above.

Saturday, 30 July 2022

Wellness Thro Seasons Workshop 13/8/22 - zoom

Come and join us for our 3rd 'Wellness Through the Seasons' workshop on Saturday 13th August 2022 from 2pm to 4 pm on zoom.

with Shelley Tracey PTP

Haiku is a form of brief Japanese poetry, also popular with poets writing in other languages.

The themes of haiku include nature, transience, and human nature.

The title of this workshop is based on this extract from Natalie Goldberg’s book, Long Quie Highway: Waking up in America:

‘The real essence of a haiku is the poet’s awakening, and the haiku gives you a small taste of that, like a ripe red berry on the tip of your tongue. Your mind actually experiences a marvelous leap when you hear a haiku, and in the space of that leap, you feel awe. Ahh, you say. You get it. The poet transmits her awakening.’ Natalie Goldberg
In this workshop, we will read and compose haiku which capture moments of awareness. awe and awakening. We will also write haiku in response to images, and find out about creating haiga (an image combined with a haiku or a tanka).

Members: €15
Non-Members: €25

Email irishpoetrytherapynetwork@gmail.com to reserve your place.

Friday, 3 June 2022

Poetry and the world of Shadow

Our next workshop is taking place on zoom on 11th June 2022 from 2pm to 4pm with Teresa Kelly 

'Let poetry help you explore the glorious world of your Shadow'


In this workshop Theresa will facilitate us in exploring our Shadow Self, that underbelly of the ego which tends to be loaded with feelings of disgust.  However, as psychoanalyst Carl Jung has said 'In the Shadow there is gold'  Poetry can help us to get in touch with those precious elements of ourselves which have been relegated to the shadow because of painful associations or familial/societal judgements.  Join us in this afternoon of mining for gold.


Places are limited so early booking is advised. 

Email irishpoetrytherapynetwork@gmail.com

€15 for IPTN members

€20 for non members.


Looking forward to seeing you there.


Thursday, 12 May 2022

Poetry Club 'Repeat the Repeat'

To all IPTN Members,
Your next Poetry Club session is on Saturday 21st May from 2pm - 3pm with Carol Boland
The session is  'Repeat the Repeat' and will look at the power of repeating lines in a poem.
Hope to see you there.