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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Report on Peer Group Meeting 28/3/15

A most interesting and in-depth peer group meeting was held on March 28th in Kilkenny Campus.  The first exercise involved choosing two prints of famous paintings which were presented to the group.  Each person chose two prints that appealed to them.  Our chosen prints provided the springboard for various creative writing exercises.  They also allowed us to discuss and voice opinions, emotions and feelings that surfaced as a response to the images.

The first exercise called upon the power of the imagination. People were asked to place themselves in their picture. To place oneself in a picture and write freely for about five to ten minutes is a very freeing experience.  Each participants writing was different and unique. Although it was not necessary to share the writing everyone chose to share.

The second exercise we all agreed was not an easy task as it involved the creation of a conversation between people in the pictures. When writing a conversation in this way we are looking at assumptions.  We can only assume what we think the people might be saying to one another or what we would like them to say to one another.  Although the task was difficult it did bring us to some touching, humorous and sad places that allowed for a heightening of awareness.

Our chosen poem for the day was “The Gift” by William Stafford. We read it together a number of times and discussed the impact of the various lines and the meaning we took from them.  The following group poem was created using the first line of William Stafford’s poem.  It is a really wonderful group poem which we called “Aerial View”

Aerial View

Time wants to show you
A different country
A road trip full of wonder
And waiting.
Across the continent of your life
We must explore
And try new things
And push the boundaries
Of peripheral vision.
Climbing mountains
To get a better view.
Take the risk and move
Towards the edge, lie down
And crawl or spread your wings
And fly, fly, fly.

Ger Campbell
Chairperson IPTN