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Monday, 11 November 2013

Peer Group Meeting Sat. 9th November 2013

What a wonderful peer group meeting we had on Saturday. We were led on an exciting journey by Theresa Kelly who used her Jungian expertise to facilitate a wonderful workshop based on the movie Black Swan.  Using different clips we explored archetypes such as the persona, the shadow and the anima and animus.  The movie The Black Swan was the perfect choice for the exploration of the shadow, our dark side.  I now intend to rewatch this movie especially after all the work we did on Saturday.  We also held our AGM and then retired to a local hostelry for a wonderful evening.  It was also good to see a number of new faces who contributed greatly to the writing and sharing.  I look forward to our next peer group meeting which will be held in January 2014.
Ger Campbell