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Thursday, 16 October 2014

IPTN Convention A Success

Some of the participants
Michael Murphy & Ger Campbell
At the Book Launch

Carol with book illustrators Don Conroy
and James Moore
IPTN Committee
The 2014 Poetry Therapy Convention held in October was heralded as a triumph by all involved. It was a most memorable convention with thought-provoking workshops, a stimulating talk by Michael Murphy followed by an open discussion, and concluding with the launch of the first Irish book on poetry therapy, 'The Backwards Book' by Niall Hickey,
Thanks to everyone who made the two days such a success. Roll-on next year!

Niall Hickey

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Convention Update

We have just heard news that Cara, our facilitator for the Laughter Workshop on Sunday morning, has had an accident and has been advised not to fly. We hope she will be feeling well again, soon.
The good news is that Ger Campbell will run the Laughter Workshop in her stead.